Sunday, 26 April 2009

Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie

video again...
but this is awesome...
nice clip before going to sleep...


Sun been down for days
A pretty flower in a vase
A slipper by the fireplace
A cello lying in its case

Soon she's down the stairs
Her morning elegance she wears
The sound of water makes her dream
Awoken by a cloud of steam
She pours a daydream in a cup
A spoon of sugar sweetens up

And She fights for her life
As she puts on her coat
And she fights for her life on the train
She looks at the rain
As it pours
And she fights for her life
As she goes in a store
With a thought she has caught
By a thread
She pays for the bread
And She goes...
Nobody knows

Sun been down for days
A winter melody she plays
The thunder makes her contemplate
She hears a noise behind the gate
Perhaps a letter with a dove
Perhaps a stranger she could love

And She fights for her life
As she puts on her coat
And she fights for her life on the train
She looks at the rain
As it pours
And she fights for her life
As she goes in a store
With a thought she has caught
By a thread
She pays for the bread
And She goes...
Nobody knows

And She fights for her life
As she puts on her coat
And she fights for her life on the train
She looks at the rain
As it pours
And she fights for her life
Where people are pleasently strange
And counting the change
And She goes...
Nobody knows

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Friday, 24 April 2009


nice clip....
this is a simple short film about communication. Created by Publicis Mojo and @RadicalMedia Director.

"yup.... dun waste the opportunity that u got.... that might be the last chance...."

must watch it!!

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Monday, 20 April 2009

Alleluia to Christ The Lord

I will lift my heart and sing
I will worship You my King
Earth and heaven now proclaim
Jesus Christ the mighty name

Through the storm and raging sea
I will never be alone
When my hope seems out of sight
I know You will shine your light

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia
Alleluia to Christ the Lord

Dengan segenap hati
Ku menyembah memuji
Sampai seluruh bumi
Bersujud mengakui

Walau malam menepi,
Tak akan ku sendiri
Kasih yang menerangi
Kau setia menanti

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia
Alleluia Kau Allahku

this is a very nice song....
yup.. all the glory to the Lord, to the Jesus...
as we are not worthy to get everything from HIM...
But HE gave us life... What a precious gift....
Yup.. praise the Lord... for what HE had done for us...
Pastor said that we are here, living to glorify HIM...
for everything.....

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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

touching 4:4.. yup... YNWA

sigh.. i missed the last 08/09 UEFACL's game for Liverpool... i was thinking to have a short sleep to charge myself and go down to BRJ for the soccer match... but the alarms were failed to wake me up... and i was awaken at 5 something... and i switched on my Laptop immediately to check the scoreboard... opps... the score was surprised me and woke me again... 4:4... after read the detail of the game... yup... Liverpool scored twice at the first half and they kept fighting even though Chelsea were scored thrice after the first half... they got another two goals at the final 10 minutes... but Chelsea was really tough that the Lampard had a finishing goal that finished the whole game... yup.. the scoreboard was showing 4:4... it was draw game... though Liverpool lost in aggregate score... but most of the liverpool fans are very proud on the squad of team... yup.. their spirit and desire on getting back the victory were touched people's heart.. that's why i love liverpool so much...

thanks God that i managed to watch the highlight of the game as the connection here is really weak that making me feel very frustrating... but the browser was quite smooth when I was watching the game highlight.. yup.. Liverpool... Add Oil for the EPL... add oil for the future~~

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Special Easter Day

Thanks God that we had a very special Easter day...

1st, baptize of Seetho...
2nd, Hee Soon's attendance...
3rd, Miracle of almost 100persons was coming for the evangelistic Night...
4th, performance of the Wayang Kulit...

that was a very tired and exhausted Easter day... we woke early morning for the baptize of few bros and sis at the Water Dam of Melawati as we had the whole day rehearsal on Saturday... Really hard to wake myself even i had set few alarms in my mobile... Thanks God that the weather is great for everyone to witness such a touching ceremony that 4 persons had given their promises to die with Christ and risen with Christ in front of People... Thanks God...

and the second... On the Saturday, Chunyi and I was going to church at the morning for the whole day rehearsal and what a coincident, we met Heesoon in the wangsa maju lrt station... he was the coursemate of Bernard who ever participated in our PCC Camp (勇者无惧2)in year 2007. We had a short gossips as he was going to KLCC... And we invited him to the Easter day service at CFC... Thanks God.. he said yes and he did shown up on that day... When Pastor Vincent was preaching.. i was kept praying for him to give himself a chance to listen about the truth and the Gospel.. yup.. Christ died for us and risen after 3 days... Chunyi and I are also thinking and planning to ask him out for YAMCHA and try to get him to CFC and the cellgroup activities as well.. Pray harder for him...

After the the rehearsal on the Saturday, we're cleaning up the service hall as that was really very messy due to the making for the puppets and also other preparations. We're also arranging the chairs for the hall... that was 70+ chairs to almost fill up the whole hall.. But Xxjie asked us to get those historical OLD chairs from the store room. And after filled the whole service hall.. that was only 85 something... Our target attendance is 100 including us... that reminding me Pastor Vincent ever said that be faithful on do invitation... and PCC members can squeeze into the office... honestly... I was really worried that how if there is not many people come. But i just don't care bout that and arrange for the seats... ^^ Thanks God... that was 99 persons came to this evangelistic night and most happiest thing is, there are 5person raised up their hands when Pastor asked for repent and believe in Christ... Thanks God....

yup... for the last... we've done our performance by our best.. and sounds okay from audiences... people were saying that was quite touching when the Jesus was being tortured and crucified... Thanks God again and glory to the God as what Rev. Tong had said... Jesus won't die and HE can not die, because HE is the GOD and HE is the Holy one... But HE love us so much and GIVEN his INFINITY life to save our LIMITED life... yup.. learned so much from Rev. Tong...

Anyway.... Praise the Lord and May God bless those who came to the Easter Day evangelistic Night.... Hope to see you all in PCC again.... cause.. the Way, truth, life are from the JESUS...

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Friday, 10 April 2009


click for demo (with Internet Explorer)

在客西马尼 祷告的耶稣

心爱的门徒 为金出卖耶稣
留下了耶稣 被捉 被捕 受苦

道成肉身耶稣 遭罪人凌辱
一条条的鞭伤 狠狠烙向耶稣
因为我们的罪 背着沉重的十字木
无力往着各各他 一步步

爱我们的耶稣 为我们受苦
一下下的钉锤 刺穿圣洁耶稣
因为我们的罪 被挂痛苦的十字木

亲爱的耶稣 亲爱的耶稣
我是多么的不配 不配 祢的国度
祢为我们复活 在心门将我抱住
主我爱祢直到永远 因祢是我主

i was thinking to spend a time for Jesus while praying + fasting...
and i start composing this song while reading back the bible that how Jesus die....
felt like heart has broken and tears keep running down unstoppable while composing....
that was really nothing if compare to Jesus....
HE loves us and died for us..... to wash away our sins.........

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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Kita Mengasihi have posted up.. ^^

finally.. posted the song up...
and i've corrected the lyric of the song.
KITA MENGASIHI... (我们爱,We Love)
from the bible in bahasa... love is kasih..
so.. previously i used the "cinta" is not correct...
and now..

presenting you all my new product... (God's product ^^)

Kita Mengasihi - 我们爱
click me- in Internet Explorer

composed/lyric/ sang by jason

verse 1:
Dalam hati kita penuh kesunyian
Terus kecewa mengarahkan hidup tanpa makna
Tapi Tuhan kita mengasihi kita sedunia
Junjungkan kita dari mati ketenggelaman

Dalam hati kita penuh kesyukuran
Kasih yang KAMU b'rikan sentuhi hati kita
KAMU'lah Tuhan kita yang kita serahkan semua
Mengikuti Tuhan yang mengasihi

Kita mengasihi kerana KAMU mengasihi
Kita bersama belajar saling mengasihi
Ini pesanan Tuhan telah bagi kita
Kita Mengasihi kerana Tuhan ialah Kasih
(Kita Mengasihi k'rana KAMU dulu mengasihi kita)

busy on the pcc-serdang blogspot for few days..
but really happy that the most of the things have done
most of the blogs can be linked together...
hopfully this blog can help others or members of PCC to communicate well...
as what the purpose we implement the internet application for PCC...

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life is short... i was posted her song ,一直很安静 last 2months here.. and suddenly my roommate told me that she has left the world due to breast cancer... what a life.... that's why we have to appreciate the days that we have to do what we should do.. What is the purpose of your life?? for enjoying so call the "world"?? or bearing the cross for jesus in the this "world".....

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what a poor match.... 1:3 in Anfield...

liverpool vs chelsea Pictures, Images and Photos

spent my sleeping hour for a disappointing soccer match.... witnessing the defeat and failure of the Liverpool is pulling my mood down to the valley... Liverpool wasn't perform well for this match and Chelsea really did very well... They deserve this victory but the 3:1 is really a big impact to Liverpool. the gap is too big for Liverpool to chase for the UEFA... haiz... I was thinking that Liverpool has a very big opportunity to raise up the Big ear Trophy again since 2005... but... seems like the UEFA is getting far from Liverpool...but no choice...Liverpool still have EPL and the 2nd match to go... so... don't give up as there are many of the fans here to back you even Liverpool is losing...

while browsing for the photos... watched the video of the replay and the post match commentary... defenders should take the lesson on the heading... no one can head the ball away from the penalty box... that cost Liverpool 2 goals. And.. yup.. Gerrard was buried by marking of the chelsea players... hmm.. how sad... sleepy now.. going for bed and hopefully... Liverpool may bring the fans another miracle as what they used to do.... Keep it on Liverpool.. for EPL and UEFA.... though the roads are really tough....

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Monday, 6 April 2009

great sharing gospel experience.. keep it on~~

yawn.. as usual.... this weekend was full of activities too... well... the cell group this week had changed to be the farewell gathering for the whole church... this farewell gathering is for Seetho, Eechoo, Alicia, PeiLi, XiaoLing and me also.. ^^ i went PCC yesterday with Seetho and Chunyi.... and thanks God that Cheryl was waiting at KTM for Yinhuey too.. so that we can go with them.. (haha.. no need to take the bus.... i still phobia on the liar.. check previous posts) keke... and we arrived quite early also... after the dinner... we started the gathering and many of us had shared much on the feeling and getting from the church or people... i was really touching that i've recieved so many presents that prepared by ShinChie and Chaixiong, Pantai nurses, and little isaac... Thanks anyway.. i won't forget bout you all for sure!!!

Since joanne and xxjie wasn't come for the gathering... So that we decided to stay at pastor vincent's place... at the first moment we've arrived pastor's place from the PCC.. what i saw was.... the SeeTho was super hardworking on reading the NOTEs for the test of baptizing... wow... that making me feel guilty as i wasn't study much on the notes... haha... learned so much from him as he really very serious and his attitude and the will of knowing God is what i need to learn... ^^

So.. since his hardworking hav seen... there is no question for him to make it on the test.. congrats!!! haha.. and we have the rehearsal and practice for the Wayang Kulit again... wow.. thanks God that we've finished the whole performance's practice.. and what we need is to be familiar on the performance to make it perfect on this coming sunday... so pray harder for it....

after the tiring practice... We went to the gospel sharing in the hostel of UPM.. that was a very joyful experience as this is the mission that i always put it on mouth.. so... happy that i'm now working on it.. thank God that giving me such opportunity to go for it... we was late for the prayer's meeting before the gospel sharing.. cause that was quite late after the practice.. and we still haven't had our meal.. so.... keke... going for filling our stomach then only start our work....

Thanks God that so many people from PCC were joining us... at the first, there are only Cheryl, Alicia, Seetho, and me will be going... but thanks God that Karyee, Jiaxin, SiewTeng, Luke, SzeChuan, and Huixian were joining us too... so touched as they were very tired for the whole day programme... their attitude on serving God is the lesson for me to be learning... I was sometimes might feel very tired on many serves and thinking to refuse for the gospel sharing.. but they didn't complain at all and very willing to join... that making me feel guilty again... I was so selfish if i still have such feeling.. cause souls are there for us to work for... And God selected us and Gave us the Mission to work in our whole life.. so.. work for it.....

Through the gospel sharing... I've met few Christians and non Christians.. that was a very good experience as i might not have so much chances to talk much on religion with people i don't know... So... that was really joyful to talk to others.... i think many of us are having such feeling as well... cause doing God Works are making us to feel the real joyfulness.. ^^ Though we met people who refuse us... but at least we have brought them the chances to know bout Jesus... and i believe that God will make the way and touch them by God's way.... so... just work... don't be too worried.... surrender it all to God....

after this.. i hope i still have chance to do so.... so that i'm not here to waste the air and time that provided by God.. haha.. hope i will keep committing in ministry of the church.. no matter which church or place... for the people.. and for the soul.... with clear vision.... ^^

keep praying for the
evangelic programme for this coming Easter day...
all the preparation..
pastor's preaches preparation...
people can be attending this programme....
members who are going for having baptize...

so tired.. but still very excited to leave the words here....
gonna stop here and Good night to everyone with the accompany of God...

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Saturday, 4 April 2009

latest wayang kulit news ^^

went for the practice- rehearsal of wayang kulit performance Thursday... Thanks God again... everything going smooth and we've done the models for performance and designed all 5 screens... although there is difficult and some of the screens might be very boring (wayang kulit) but we will try to make it more interesting and easily to be understood by those new friends.. pray for wisdom on making this well and be the good way to tell others Jesus is not in the grave and had already risen from death, now sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One in the heaven...

On the way to the church with Chunyi... we've faced obstacle that pull us from arriving on time... we've planned to be arriving church at 5.30 and clean the church ( we've occupied the whole hall for the making of models and rehearsal... ) that is really messy. but when we saw the bus T416 after we've reached the serdang bus station. the bus driver cheated us that he said the bus is abroading after half an hour.. so we waited at other side of the bus station and he drove the bus away and gone... i was really mad on the bus driver and i was complaining so much and scolding him unstoppable... but i knew that we should be calm and pray to God on the problem we're meeting... so... i started praying in heart to stop my anger... but i was really very angry with him also lar!!! well.. thanks God.. though we're late but those models had done very fast with the helps of others.....

and after calm myself... the practices had started as usuall and the effect quite ok... saw that everyone has sacrificed so much.. PANTAI's sisters are willing to stay till 12 and Xiao Hua too... he has to work on the next morning. besides... Juanjuan, Luke, Seetho, Chunyi, EeChoo, Alicia, Cheryl, SJ was also sacrifice their resting time for the practice... Hope we can continue such serving attitude for the future.. ADD OIL...

after the practice.. some of us were having TEA at MAMAK and chunyi, seetho, Eechoo, and me were staying at alicia place... cause we can't get any public transportation due to practices til 12pm. And we went Mid Valley to meet Chaixiong, Juan juan and Cheryl up for lunch and dinner... keke... this kind of feeling feel familiar as i was always having lunch with them during the time i was working there. we're there not only for meal but also movie watching.. yup... we planned for watch Marley and Me but the movie is no more showing in the cinema.. so we changed our plan to watch the FAST AND FURIOUS.... quite interesting movie....

well... i was having a great time with them.... and... days left in KL is getting less... gonna appreciate it.....

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posted the same topic at
Emergency Telephone Numbers
These are more effective than 911

just click on the pink italic bible verse below
When -

You are sad, phone John 14
You have sinned, phone Psalm 51

You are facing danger, phone Psalm 91
People have failed you, phone Psalm 27

It feels as though God is far from you, phone Psalm 139
Your faith needs stimulation, phone Hebrews 11

You are alone and scared, phone Psalm 23
You are worried, phone Matthew 8:19-34

You are hurt and critical, phone 1 Corinthians 13
You wonder about Christianity, phone 2 Corinthians 5:15-18

You feel like an outcast, phone Romans 8:31-39
You are seeking peace, phone Matthew 11:25-30

It feels as if the world is bigger than God, phone Psalm 90
You need Christ like insurance, phone Romans 8:1-30

You are leaving home for a trip , phone Psalm 121
You are praying for yourself, phone Psalm 87
You require courage for a task, phone Joshua 1
Inflation's and investments are hogging your thoughts, phone Mark 10:17-31

You are depressive, phone Psalm 27
Your bank account is empty, phone Psalm 37

You lose faith in mankind, phone 1 Corinthians 13
It looks like people are unfriendly, phone John 15

You are losing hope, phone Psalm 126
You feel the world is small compared to you, phone Psalm 19

You want to carry fruit, phone John 15
Paul's secret for happiness, phone Colossians 3:12-17

With big opportunity/ discovery, phone Isaiah 55
To get along with other people, phone Romans 12


For dealing with fear, call Psalm 47
For security, call Psalm 121:3

For assurance, call Mark 8:35
For reassurance, call Psalm 145:18


copied from an email.. and link edited by jason.. ^^
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click here - link to the demo of this song
(p/s: use ie as song can't be played by firefox)

though this song was composed for my Brother, Andy's wedding.. but... gonna dedicate this song to chaixiong and shinchie also.. ^^


在主的愛裏 尋找著伴侶
聼主的話語 成長和學習
等主的聲音 異像與應許
主祢手帶領 將雙手牽起

主設立婚姻 給所有伴侶
主祢的話語 勸委身學習
主慈愛的聲音 我在愛中無懼
靠著主的帶領 我們步入婚姻

感謝主祢 設立這婚姻
或幸福 或苦惱 一一交托祢

在主的愛裏 相愛地伴侶
聼主的話語 直到髮如白雲
往著教堂前進 一起守安息
感謝主祢帶領 我們的婚姻

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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Happy but Nagging Week

another busy week has past....

Celebration service for completing the "purpose driven life 40", wedding ceremony of Chaixiong & Sinchie.... Thanks God so much.... everything is going fine... Thanks for providing such a good weather for the wedding ceremony... Thanks for the smooth progress of the whole.... in the Ceremony, Pastor Vincent has given preaches and advises to them and us as well... It's about the Marriage for Christians...
God is love... God create people to enjoy and experience HIS creations and LOVE.. Bond of Marriage established by God and the Marriage is unbreakable, never fails, is all about love.. Therefore, we should pay our respect on it... and not to disregard it as that is holy from God...

touching moment when chaixiong get into the room for shinchie.. chaixiong and his bros had bullied by those sisters before this.....

yup... the wedding ceremony was touching.... we can see that GOD has led them through out the times. no matter it is tough or smooth... And finally, they step into the church together for exchanging the ring under the God in the heaven.... Jason's here wish the all the happiness from God to you two forever and ever....

On the Sunday.... Yinhuey and William have also done very well on leading the praise and worship on the celebration service. Praise the lord as when we're doing things with God, there is nothing to be worried about. though the time for preparing of the praise and worship was short... during the service, Pastor Vincent has given us advises that this purpose driven life 40 is not merely a activity or event but a stepping stone for us to continue our journey to follow God and face the days infront. This is not an ending but a begining... bear it in mind.... ^^ Besides, thanks Chaixiong and Shinchie very much also. We had a very rich Buffet right after the service that dedicated by them.. we're enjoyed and having a good time after the long run of "purpose driven life 40"

Well... though the events are conducted happily... but feels like jason here is a little bit down and strengthless.... there are impacts from many aspects that came to me... family... works... loves... cellgroup... and wayang kulit.... I was quite emotional recently and that is beyond my control... but i knew that God love me so much and everything will be doing fine... I need to come back to God as
Jesus said: "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Ya... God care about us so much that more than we can imagin... so.. be cheer and keep going on serving Him and follow Him, jason.... you might get rest and peace....

p/s: thanks to xinjie to be the listener from my complaints... keke... honestly.. i really felt better after that..

Going to church later for the preparation of the Wayang kulit (as i've mentioned at the previous post) and rehearsal... we need more practices for making the performance perfect.. but that is very misty on how we gonna present the story.. will it be very boring or looks flawed from the audience's seat?? let pray and surrender it to God...
ya.. will try to snap some photos from the rehearsal for here too.... ^^

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